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A. Raw Water Treatment.

B. Study of environmental Impact.

C. Analysis & Physibility study.

D. Exection of TurnKey Projects.

E. Design & Engineering Consultancy.

F. WTP/STP/ETP complete design, Erection & commissioning.

G. Manufacturing & supply of all equipments and chemicals;

H. Project Management and QA.

I. Operations & Maintenance of Treatment Plants.

b. Packaged/pre-fabricated STP.

c. ETP.

d. MBR/MBBR Reactors,

e. Reverse Osmosis (RO) and UF Treatment.

f. Oil & Grease Removal System.

g. DM Plant.

h. Water Treatment & Recycling Plant.

i. Waste Heat

j. Flue Gas Conditioning.

k. Iron and Manganese Removal.
Raw Water Treatment

Raw water treatment mainly comprises Process Water Production, Utility Water, Demin Water etc.
Boiler and high-pressure boiler feed water (BFW) - Demin Water

Service demineralization.


Ion Exchange technologies for polishing and high purity water production (SAC, WAC, Mixed Bed, etc.).

Reverse Osmosis Cooling tower water make-up

Side stream filtration systems for cooling towers.
Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Solutions
Design, Erection of RO Plant: ROs are commonly used for drinking water purpose. GESPL design and manufactures the Reverse Osmosis plant according to the need of the tap water and brackish water with a production range starting from 100 LPH to 100 m3 per hour. For TDS ranging from 400 to 45000. GESPL’s RO plant is designed as a chemical free plant.
Design, Erection of Softners : Industies where process requires soft water needs the Softners. Softners are basically to remove the hardness which is in the form of Calcium and Magnesium. GESPL’s water softners removes the hard scale that deposits and builds up in boiler tubes, pipe lines, condensers jackets, circulating system, cooking utensils and other equipment contracted by hot water. Our plant are mostly used for the applications such as Boiler & Cooling water feed, Process water for chemical & textile. Hospital/Hostels/Homes/Commercial & institutional waterpower plants/Ice plant.

Ultrafiltration: This is achieved by using semi permeable membrane thru which the high pressure water is passed. In this process the high molecular weight solutes retained and low molecular weight solutes passes thru the membrane.
Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Solution

If your Industry or Residential scheme or Resort has the sewage generation more than 5m3/day then you must need a solution for Sewage Treatment.

GESPL Conventional STP involves vigorous analysis and the three stages, called primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Solution

GESPL principle of operation of ETP is Physico-Chemical treatment followed by Polishing Treatments like –Sand Filtration, Activated Carbon treatment (Adsorption), Ozonisation (Chemical Oxidation), Ultra Filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and evaporation (If required).
Area of Application : Metal finishing industries, cement plant, Cotton Textile Industries, composite woolen mills & synthetics, Dairy & ice cream industries, Dies & intermediate industries, edible oil & vanaspati industries, electroplating industries, engineering industries, fermentation industries (distilleries & breweries, fertilizer industries
Pre-Fabricated / Packaged STP

GESPL specilises in offering skid mounted/containterised prefabricated STP for quick installtion. These are available in the sizes from 5KLPD to 25KLPD. For sizes above 25KLPD, the entire plant will be prefabricated with ready to install condition at site. With a smaller foot print area the treated water can be used for other applications as well.
Design & Engineering Consultancy

Prepartion of fabrication drawings in detail

Mechanical Equipments detailing

Engineering drawings detail.

Project Management Consultancy for Water and Waste Water Plants.
Computerized Drafting

WTP/STP/ETP complete design, Erection & commissioning

Complete Project Consultancy.

Designing consultancy

Specialized supervision while erection and commissioning.

Pre-Fabricated Package Sewage Treatment Plants.

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant.

Upgradation of Existing Effluent Treatment Plants
Manufacturing & supply of all equipments and chemicals

Inhouse manufacturing facility.

Pre-Inspection facility available.
DM Plant Design and Erection

Application :-
DM Plants are basically needed to reduce the conductivity of Water by removing anionic and cationic mineral. It generally used in the ground water, chemical processing salts removal, sweeteners, waste water, water softening, electroplating, high-pressure boilers, power coating.

GESPL’s Demineralization or Deionization processes helps to remove mineral salts from water using ion exchange processes. GESPL guarantees the conductivity less than 20 ? S / cm at 25 Deg. C and total dissolved solids less than 10 ppm with their demineralization treatment. GESPL’s mixed bed Deionizers can also be used to produce high purity treated water.
Operations & Maintenance of Treatment Plants

We have skilled and experienced staff to under take operation & maintenance of ETP / STP / RO / DM / Softener plants.

Skilled operation save your operational cost by

optimum chemical consumption.

Proper Preventive Maintenance to avoid major break down.

Achieve outlet parameter under pollution board norms with Proper equipment handling and operation methodology.
Total recycling of waste water
Retrofication of WTP/STP/ETP
Project Management and QA.
Study of environmental Impact
Analysis & Physibility study
Exection of TurnKey Projects

Activated Carbon Filter

Bag Filter

Clarifier Mechanism:

Cyclone Separator

DM plant

Flare Stack


ID&FD fans

Moisture Separator

Oil Skimmer

Pressure Sand Filter

RO plant


Surface Aerator

Vaccum Breaker & Pressure Breaker

Water Softner


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